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Note that BT only sells a limited range of packages to retail box owners.DB:3.52:When Will Us With Retail Youview Boxes Be Able To. zk.Just to add though, BT have said Powerline Adapters are not supported, so if you do get the channels and have problems, you may not get any help and will be stuck in a contract for the duration.I have 1 Billion 7800N router 2 windows 7 pcs 2 android phones through WLAN 3 android tablets through WLAN and a HP N54L running Windows SBS 2011 Essentials Now the.

Have just installed Bt Infinity with YouView box - On Demand is great, Broadband is good even if a lot slower than promised at 5-5 Meg - but BT Sport just come sup with IPC6023.Inifinty is connected at 39mbps and the exchange is fibre multi-cast enabled.Customers with YouView from BT or TalkTalk will receive accessibility updates in due course.

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However, I have now cancelled my Sky subscription and would instead like to watch BT Sport on my Youview box.

Not stretching the point but spent 2.5 hours trying to find out how I can watch HD without having Infinity.We know that BT are looking into alternatives to BT Sport via DTT for ADSL customers.

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The HD bolt on covers the sports channels also so yes you would.I have Bt youview but have not got Bt infinity broadband,They say watch on the internet direct to your tab etc.There is zero information on either of your questions at the moment.I like the look of YouView and would like to buy a retail version (the 1TB DTR-T1010), to replace my Sky box next month.

I am a BT infinity broadband customer with my own Humax YouView box.I took delivery of a Youview box for a flat I live in during the week (we have Sky at home but i work away during the week).Will Bt make itavailable for long term loyal customers on Bt youview without infinity to watch it normally ON TELEVISION.Your best bet would be a PC or laptop with hdmi out connected to your tv.I have just checked my box (07:30) and it has still not been updated and if I click the update button it just says software is the latest and last checked 22nd January.Your Yoiview box needs to be connected to your router by ethernet (some people have had luck with powerline adapters but personally mine didnt work).They have been quite clear when it comes to BT Sport that if you have a retail box you will need Infinity and a BT TV subscription to view it (so they can clearly make this process work), and the evidence of the extra TV channels I seek being available on a YouView box is available to anyone with Google.

From August 2013 this content will include BT Sport 1 and 2 and ESPN.Without a internet connection your youview box is just an expensive freeview reception tool.Your (retail) box will still have the retail firmware supplied by the manufacturer (Humax).Another recent post indicated these would come via on demand which would be a pain.The Youview box is a different world to the Vision box.Unless you only have copper broadband in which case unfortunately even that box will be no use (or any other as you need a subscription to recieve it).As the title suggests, this thread is for users with YouView who are having trouble watching BT Sport on their TV.

I would also like to take some of the extra channels from BT but cannot move my broadband to Infinity (I already have Fibre), until September as I am under contract.BT is a company that seems to have zero requirement for its staff to speak politely, have any ability to do their job or even know about the products they sell.Ok i was told when ordering and changing to BT Broadband that i could get BT Sports on my TV and got the Youview box, but now it seems you can not unless you have BT Infinity which i do not and will not have for the foresable future.

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Called today togive 30 days notice as the 12th payment leaves my account tomorrow as far as I can see.I have a brand new black Humax Youview box delivered only last week and BT Home Hub 3 with Infinity 2.A selection of TV channels in high definition for stunning picture quality and glorious detail.Retail Humax box owners have a September Youview update providing some additional visual features desiigned to make it more accessible.

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Also, when I select the BT Sport channels a message comes up saying that in order to watch BT Sport you must be connected to a working aerial.Until I had BT TV installed my Infinity connection would be stable and stay connected for weeks.

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Wholesaling the channels to Sky destroys that entire strategy.The alternative is to use powerline adapters, or better still a single dedicated ethernet cable.

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A port forward is a way of making a computer on your home or business network accessible to computers on the internet, even though they are behind a router.But of course if you do cancel the BT TV subscription after 12 months you still own the box but can no longer watch BT Sport channels on it.From July onwards they turned off the DTT over the aerial Sky Sports transmissions, so now only.I am currently a Virgin Media customer and am considering BT Infinity with a Essential TV package with youview box.I understand that youview is essentially a freeview HD reciever, but I would have a BT Vision icon which I could use to basically stream extra BT content.I have replaced my HH3 with a dual band Asus RT-AC56U router.So having my broadband with BT, Which is infinity unlimited decided to purchase Youview box and thought i will then have a recordable box still with catch up on demand etc and my free Bt sport.

I turned on my Youview box and there was no BT Sports channels on the TV guide but there had been a new software upgrade yesterday.

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I have a YouView box provided by BT and my BT TV service went live on November 8th 2013.However, it has now been over 24 hours now since it has been plugged in.I have spent 3hrs 44mins of which I spoke to 6 operatives who could not help me, They did get me to reboot my YouView box 6 times that was very helpful.If so how do I go about cancelling the BT TV subscription - can I do this on line.