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You can tap the microphone icon and search for your favorite sports team, weather, restaurant, flight numbers, or anything related to the sample cards provided for you.Make sure you have the latest version of the Google app. (To get the latest version, go to the Google app page on the Play Store and tap Update ).

Microphone isn't working. I can hear people but they can't

Next, so that Google Now can identify your home and work address correctly (instead of your favorite place to hangout) launch Maps.

If you are a Google Apps for the Enterprise developer and would like to steal my ideas, I give you full permission.

Now that you have your cards setup, you need to populate them with some data.Watch videos about our products, technology, company happenings and more.

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You can force cards to reappear by tapping the menu icon at the bottom of Google Now and tapping the refresh button.Most of you will probably need to leave these settings set to default until you get a better feel for Google Now and what information you wish to have at your fingertips, without having to dig through your phone.Google Play Music gives you millions of songs and thousands of playlists for any situation.

You can also view Sample Cards and configure them from the Google Now home screen.

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Make sure you have the latest version of the Google app. (To get the latest version, go to the Google app page on the Play Store and tap.

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To save this item to your list of favorite EE Times content so you can find it later in.DEAR READER: A few years ago a patient of mine asked me the.Google (NASDAQ:GOOG. we can take a look at the trend developing in China where there are eleven operating MVNOs.

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For your location settings, first head back into the Google Now settings and tap Privacy accounts.

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Google Translate for Business: Translator Toolkit Website Translator.Oh, the nasty framework bug that can keep your site out of the search engines was fixed with ASP.NET 3.5 SP1.

When these cards are shown, you have the option to no longer track those places by tapping the settings.

Google Now is about automating your life and in return, making your life easier.Delete voice model: Delete the voice model that Google uses to recognize your voice.

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