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Key Type Value AirPrint Array of dictionaries An array of AirPrint printers that should always be shown.If you are unsure whether the file item is a file or a directory, set this key to file-tile.OSX versions 10.10 and later honor a true value of the PayloadRemovalDisallowed key to prevent manual removal of profiles installed through an MDM server.The iOS 10 download links are now available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users.Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots and learn more about Facebook.

Key Type Value AppLayerVPNMapping Array of dictionaries An array of mapping dictionaries.A human-readable string containing the name of the organization that provided the profile.System Policy Managed Payload The System Policy Managed payload is designated by specifying as the PayloadType.Allowed values are EmailAuthPassword, EmailAuthCRAMMD5, EmailAuthNTLM, EmailAuthHTTPMD5, and EmailAuthNone.This value must be set to true for EAP-FAST PAC usage to succeed, because there is no other way to provision a PAC.If a network is known to have larger NAT mapping timeouts, larger Keepalive intervals may be safely used to minimize battery impact.

SafariDomains Array This optional key is a special case of App-to-Per App VPN Mapping.BundleID (string): identifies the application Allowed (Boolean): specifies whether or not incoming connections are allowed.Note that there are known man-in-the-middle attacks for anonymous provisioning.AuthenticationMethod String Either SharedSecret or Certificate.Note: This array is used only for dictionaries in which EvaluateConnection is the Action value.When showing a user list, set to false to hide the administrator users.This is one of three payloads that allows control of various GateKeeper settings.

Specifies the number of minutes for which the device can be idle (without being unlocked by the user) before it gets locked by the system.One or more special folders that may be created at user login time and placed in the dock.For information about Apple Configurator, go to the Mac App Store description at Apple Configurator 2.This is the list of server certificate common names that will be accepted.If the ProxyType field is set to Auto and no ProxyPACURL value is specified, the device uses the web proxy autodiscovery protocol (WPAD) to discover proxies.A configuration profile contains a number of settings that you can specify, including: Restrictions on device features Wi-Fi settings VPN settings Email server settings Exchange settings LDAP directory service settings CalDAV calendar service settings Web clips Credentials and keys.All keys are available on all versions of macOS and are supported on the user channel.A date on which a profile is considered to have expired and can be updated over the air.Also prevents forwarding or replying from a different account than the message was originated from.

This key is used only if there is no SHKAllowedShareServices key.

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Discover the innovative world of Apple and shop everything iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, and Apple TV, plus explore accessories, entertainment, and expert device.Apple Estates is a new and exciting way for everybody to deal with the property market.The PayloadUUID of the identity certificate used to decrypt messages sent to this account.LDAPSearchSettingScopeSubtree: The node plus all children, regardless of depth.IncomingMailServerHostName String Designates the incoming mail server host name (or IP address).If this key is not present, the value of the OnDemandEnabled key is used to determine the status of Per-App VPN On Demand.If present and set to true, the user cannot delete the profile (unless the profile has a removal password and the user provides it).

A bitmask indicating the use of the key. 1 is signing, 4 is encryption, 5 is both signing and encryption.Allowed values are: ConnectIfNeeded—The specified domains should trigger a VPN connection attempt if domain name resolution fails, such as when the DNS server indicates that it cannot resolve the domain, responds with a redirection to a different server, or fails to respond (timeout).If set, the user will be prompted for the password only once and it will be used for both outgoing and incoming mail.FileVault 2 payloads are designated by specifying as the PayloadType value.This describes the version of the configuration profile as a whole, not of the individual profiles within it.Restrict app installations to MDM-installed apps and software updates.PayloadVersion Number The version number of the individual payload.

The following ConfiguredAccounts dictionary is currently supported.The default interval for the Keepalive offload packets is 20 seconds over WiFi and 110 seconds over Cellular interface.An Identity Preference payload contains the following keys: Key Type Value.With one-to-one member devices, this key should include only the device user and the leader but not other class members.Each dictionary in the CustomBehavior array contains these keys.You should always set a default behavior for unknown networks by specifying an action with no matching criteria as the last dictionary in the array.Install Kodi for iPhone with and without jailbreak, Kodi on iPhone, iPad, iOS Download is also given here.No warning or error will be provided if FileVault is already enabled and an old-style payload is installed.ImageURL String Optional: A string containing a URL pointing to an image of the user.

Identity Preference payloads are designated by specifying as the PayloadType value.If set to true, this account will not be available for sending mail in any app other than the Apple Mail app.An email address (RFC822), DNS hostname, or other name that uniquely identifies a service requiring this identity.

Restrictions Payload The Restrictions payload is designated by specifying as the PayloadType value.The payload is designated by specifying as the PayloadType.GetCACaps Dictionary Keys If you add a dictionary with the key GetCACaps, the device uses the strings you provide as the authoritative source of information about the capabilities of your CA.It establishes macOS AppStore restrictions and is supported on the User channel.

Set to 1 to enable or 0 to disable NAT Keepalive offload for Always On VPN IKEv2 connections.

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PayloadUUID String A globally unique identifier for the profile.Availability: Available in iOS 7.0 and later and macOS 10.12 and later.The Groups key must contain an array of dictionaries with the following key-value pairs.Once this number is exceeded, the device is locked and must be connected to its designated iTunes in order to be unlocked.The UserEnabledOptions dictionary, if present, can contain the following keys (in iOS 7.0 and later): Key Type Value VoiceOver Boolean Optional.

This payload is supported on iOS 7.0 and later and on macOS 10.10 and later.If set to true, messages may not be moved out of this email account into another account.If true, the device will not automatically go to sleep after an idle period.When false, prevents Siri from querying user-generated content from the web.Disc burning restrictions require both Disc Burning and Finder payloads.Identity Preference Payload Available in macOS 10.12 and later.Any path under or matches, but not or VPN Mapping The App-to-Per-App mapping payload is designated by specifying as the PayloadType value.