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Spokeo is a search engine specialized in organizing people-related information from phone books, social networks, marketing lists.Opting Out of Public Records and Data Aggregators Best Practices. opt out form and a second email.How to remove your private info from all background check sites. I would recommend that you scan some form of ID such as a state. Opt-out. Spokeo.Good luck to others who want privacy and are trying to get data removed. Cheers.I think life was better years ago when communities were more face to face not buried in screens and without companies snooping and saving everything, I think it takes away our humanity.Find out how to remove your personal information from Zabasearch, a controversial yet popular people search engine.

And how can you find a lost love but not contact them if it might be against their wishes.After making its deletion requests, it keeps monitoring those sites in case anything else pops up.

People search services provide the general public with a dangerous amount of personal information about you.I finally got results when I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.Unfortunately, every site has its own set of hoops to jump through to delete an account.You should not and can not trust any of these big data companies.It is not acceptable to even have any business dealings with companies whom have already proven they are not trustworthy.

These people will not respond nor will they remove the information.

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When I find myself and select This is Me, I have to create an account.

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You just copy the url of where your name shows up in the search, on the page before that.Please enter your last name. You must check both boxes before submitting this form.If anyone figures out how to get through to these jokers, please post here.

However, if you search for that listing again, you will see that it has been removed.

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All you have to do is click a few confirmation links (and ignore any offers trying to sell you information) to get rid of your information.

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They say they help you contact lost friends, thats not the real reason, they buy databases from organisations, hackers, scrape content, out of date, or illegal, put it on a website with adverts, or paid upgrade, or paid removal, to make money. The Cubib.com rules are strange, it says you can find a lost love and check neighbours, but not stalk spy or contact people against their wishes.Just print out and fill in the form below, then fax or mail it to us, along with a copy.They will likely be trying to dig up whatever they can on you.But they put hundreds of thousands of peoples personal data on their public websites for the whole world to see.For most of these sites you just need to fill out an online form to have your information removed.

The next step is getting your data off the major people search sites themselves.

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Most UK data comes from the electoral roll or phone directory which you can opt out, or registered companies and domain name owners which depend whether you use your home address or an office or a privacy service.I was harassed in the past and moved house I am now very private.

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Get that data offline so no one can find it by deleting the account entirely.Please direct me to an existing class action lawsuit against these companies instead.