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After several highly unsatisfactory extended sessions with the tech (non)support people the conclusion was the software was corrupting its settings that it had adjusted according to waht it learned from its teach mode.This delay helped to avoid the bottleneck of every utility and service all taking off from the starting gate and allowed them to stagger.Restarting and interrupting my work every time I go to or from school, or another office, is not a realistic option - it would interrupt my work too much.

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I have been turning off my computer (a netbook really) when I am not using it and my scan is scheduled for the time it would be off.

The solutions here are similar: lower the priority of the backup, if you can.I have to believe there are other programs out there that will have issues after running a registry cleaner.Frequently asked questions about the Norton Online Backup service. and an email address so you can sign up.

Their advice was when I saw the PC slowdown starting to reinstall the software and reenter teach mode.Knowing the only thing I had done was change Internet security suites I uninstalled the program I had just bought.This even though I am running a quad core, Win7x64, 4GB memory and an SSD (instead of HDD).

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My web browser takes a long time to start. Download and run the Norton Power Eraser.Anyway, I would restart the process before I left my computer for an extended period.

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And if it turns out that backups are the issue here. well good on.

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Backup software often operates much like anti-malware software in terms of.An 18 year career as a programmer at Microsoft soon followed.As the icons show in the task bar I always welcome the Anti virus program and then my internet connection.I did them one better and got a refund and tried a different suite which I also found unsatisfactory.The two problems that I found, using process explore, were Norton updating its definitions and scanning and, more importantly, Windows automatic update which really ground things to halt.

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I used to just skim all the disclaimers when installing software, now I read them carefully looking for things like this that can bite.

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How to Fix When Your Printer Printing is Too Slow. HP Printer.OTOH, note that I rarely restart my PC and have many applications, with many tabs, open at a time.Then computers starting comeing with Norton, so I would just keep it and.I did not realize that makes a difference and that it will not scan then.

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Following those lines has been very helpful on all three PCs-.

Slow Start Up With Norton Internet Security 2007. You stated this happened with Norton.

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I hope I am not doing something I should not do but my computer is at least running when I get back to it.

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If it is not norton is there something in windows 7 that I need to change or fix.Impact on me was negligible - I can wait the extra minute before my Palm HotSync Manager is ready or for my webcam software to be loaded so that the antivirus and malware software is started first and I can start using the machine faster.I am now convinced I have to take the time to document it all such that I can orderly, effectively, and TIMELY diagnose the problem.

Every night before I go to bed I log off and restart the computer and leave it running until I get back to it the next day.

I would tell them to start up at about 5:00 in the morning and then I would set up backups and scans to happen one at a time after that.I am not ready to release a verdict until I have seen it happen more than just the 70-80 times that I have already witnessed it.The quick test here is to simply stop indexing your hard disks.Norton so the application recognizes the printer as a trusted device. 1. Launch the recently installed Norton.Armed with the results of that analysis, you should then be able to make some.I configured it to start certain programs immediately, and start other services after a short interval of 30 seconds or so, and even more after that.