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Its been already 20 days, and i dont have a facebook response yet.I got Hacked Shortly After I Regained Access to my Facebook Account.These requests were duly noted under the Support Dashboard under Settings on my Fb account.

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Following the instructions in this article is pretty much the way.Recently, Facebook account hack has been the new trend, aside Facebook, other social network accounts are not safe at all as hackers are all around seeking more accounts to hack all for various reasons ranging from spamming, adding members to groups, scamming and the most embarrassing is asking your friends for Airtime (recharge cards).

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Facebook account recovery guide for Hacked or ForgottenContentsFacebook account recovery guide for Hacked or ForgottenRecover hacked FB accountRecover with email id.Find out how to regain control of hacked Facebook accounts here. Get LogDog for your Android or iOS running devices,.I think Fb does indeed have a legal liability and could be sued, assuming that such they have ruled it out somewhere in their Terms of Agreement.There is not a person looking at any of these requests, and no way to talk to someone, so a computer is just going to keep asking for the same thing over and over again.

Methods to Recover Hacked Facebook Account: Are you really frustrated with sudden compromise or hacking of Facebook account.Naturally I recommend you take a few minutes and do this now as well.Your only option is to go through the recovery steps that Facebook provides.Now I am locked out my FB, without any possible way to access any recovery attempt.Right now I am locked out of my account, I have done all the steps outlined above in advance, but Facebook will not respond to me, other than to ask for my ID, over and over and over again.I know he traded it for drugs and now someone has my signed in Facebook.I am a community manager professionally so this is hugely inconvenient.I tried to regain my fb account via my email via the link and generating the confirmation code and changed the pw. but i am still having issues trying to log in with my new pw. it acknowledges the new pw but then asks for more identification. i have tried numerous times to enter DOB and have not been successful (keeps saying its wrong).

And finally Facebook suggests you review your recent activity to undo anything that the hacker might have done while having control of your account.This is wear, I am not going to give FB my private information.

If you can log in, go in and change all passwords and recovery information.If you think your account has been hacked or taken. these tools and tips to help keep your account.If none of those things work, your account might not be recoverable.Its also giving the option to upload government ID, which i dont want to do.

The hacker went into my pages and took me off as the administrator so I can not delete the spam they are posting on the page.Anyone who can access your email by virtue of knowing your email account password can, in turn, access your Facebook account.How to regain control of your hijacked account. How To regain control of your hacked email.With a billion users, you would think we could gang up on them and get them to provide good customer service with a phone number, chat and e-mail address people answer within 24 hours.Recently we published a article on how to find if your Facebook account has been hacked.You might want to let them know you were hacked in case the hacker might have posted things on their timelines.

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The secret to computers is to let the frustration go away, and take a breath.Firstly when you notice any strange activity on your Facebook account, quickly change the password to your email account.How To Delete Your Hacked Facebook. someone has hacked my friends account on facebook. and what.And you really cannot rely on sending them a message Facebook or.

I have two mail addresses right now added up to my account of which one belongs to the hacker.It seems to be blocked, cause the browser i used 20 days ago wasnt safe.The best thing to enter here is the email address that you normally use to log in.Notenboom has been playing with computers since he was required to take a programming class in 1976.Then, today we are going to talk about what you can do if your account has.Underneath the password field of the Facebook login is a link.I have the id name and password, but the account page is asking me for mi id photo updload.

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I can view the account page, but when they ask me if I want to reset my password, and I select continue, it dissent take me any further.Please read the article you commented on for the information I have available.When i put in the code it says ive entered the code incorrectly.Mostly the so popular means to get hacked in these present days is phishing.

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My FB account has been hacked as well as the email linked to it, (hacker has changed the phone number and alternative email), my FB account has a very popular page, I would be too disappointed if I could not login again to my account:,,(.All the information available is in this article you just posted on.

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