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By posting your answer, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service.It only happened when he was trying to use my network, not when he was at home on a direct connection.

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Some say just updating your router to Vista compatible will solve the Local Access only problem.I think Lorenz is right, my fix of switching off or on IPv6 probably just causes the network adapter to restart.

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Does the status of the ethernet port still change if you plug a cable in (that is does it know a cable has been plugged in still).This is very strong additional evidence of an ethernet controller failure.

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At this point the system hangs. 4) restart (I mean, power off by pressing the power button).

I can tick the box again, and the internet connection will remain in place.

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Still not working internet access. 3) Setting IPv6 to active (I had deactivated it before step 1).I just got rid of the IPv6 and it sorted my home network at the same time.Seems a silly question, but has everyone with the problem tried to access the internet.

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Will post my solution if I get there, going to run Windows update next as hopefully they have sorted the issue.

I reinstall it and install another application and it kicks me off the internet.Then I installed a new driver for my wireless Brother printer and it would not let us access the internet at all.I have two more computers with the same version of W-7 and they work fine: on logon they connect automatically to Internet and local network.I am using windows 7 RC and the problem started 5-6 days after install.Then I re-enabled it and only my home network appeared (the second misterious one was not there anymore).

These 6 easy ways will help to solve slow Windows 7 network issue and make it fast.Windows 7. connection.I can browse and carry out all networking related activities but my network card would still say local only.

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I am no virtual machine expert, and only use Parallels on Mac to run Windows XP.Try to see if that is changed in properties for your Intel lan card, maybe some values are changed they should be on default-factory value.I just opened the command line and pinged a outgoing destination such as google.com. PING.First three fields in MAC address represent the vendor of the network card, search for it and find some physical address number.

Also have a Wireless Vista 32 bit sitting right next to 64 bit, and ipv6 is ticked, and no problem.

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After trying every solution from this blog and every solution on the nternet, nothing seemed to work for my.

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Right-click the network connection (Local Area. connect to a wireless network but with No Internet Access.

In the resulting Network Connections windows, find the right network.I dug out a wifi card and plugged that in and it works (not ideal due to the distance from the router but it connects).

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Set Up Network Connections in Windows. access the network connection.Here I fix no internet access and limited. related to no internet connection and.

I tried using a wireless card to see if the problem was the network card but no, still no net access.Fix Unidentified Network and No Network. then right-click on Local Area Connection or Wireless Network Connection. network with no Internet access,.How to Bridge an Internet Connection. should show up with no internet access in the window. 3. Highlight both Local Area Connection and Wireless Network.Vista x64 is substantially more secure through OS protections than XP is.

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I solved my problem by entering ip and gateway info manually.

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Vista for the rough edges it has compared to 7, is every bit as good in the security field.