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Troubleshooting your Mac involves two basic tasks: figuring out what the problem is, and fixing it.Before we start, you can sometimes save yourself a lot of hassle and solve all of your Netflix playback problems on Mac.

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How to Troubleshoot a Mac Mini That Will Not Start by Andrew Tennyson.Something happened during the installation process, such as a power hiccup or power outage.Here is information about how to diagnose and troubleshoot problems, send logs and communicate with the Docker for Mac team, use our forums and Knowledge Hub, browse.Step 1: Determine where the problem is located so you can take the appropriate steps to correct the problem.

It essentially forces the Mac to start up using the fewest possible system extensions, fonts, and other startup items.If your Mac gets stuck at the gray screen, you have a bit of detective work ahead of you.On a Mac, enter Safe Mode by pressing the Shift key while your computer boots up (or immediately after it boots up).Troubleshooting tips for font problems that occur in Adobe applications on Mac OS X.

For any problem with your Mac, you can at least help isolate or even fix it by performing several checks and.

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On the Apple TV page in iTunes, click Restore Apple TV, and wait while the device is reset and updated.

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The Safe Boot option is one of the most often used methods for diagnosing problems.

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Troubleshooting a printer on a Mac is similar to troubleshooting it on a Windows PC, but the.

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Once your Mac is up and running, you can use a variety of methods to diagnose and repair the problem.

Your Mac Needs a Spare User Account to Help You Diagnosis Problems.Here is what you can do to troubleshoot your Safari related problems such as crashes or slowness.

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Troubleshooting. Featured. Get Up to Speed: Autodesk AutoCAD 2018.

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In many cases, mouse problems can be resolved with a simple reboot, so try restarting your computer before using other troubleshooting.

If you turn on your Mac, make it past the gray screen, but then get stuck at the blue screen, it means your Mac is having trouble loading all the files it needs from the startup drive.The new, late-2013 Apple MacBook Pro models are reportedly suffering from keyboard problems and trackpad issues.This guide shows you tricks to get your Mac up and running, so you can try to repair the drive with Apple or third-party software.

Speaking of being prepared, you should always have a current backup of all of your data.Many startup problems are caused by a drive that just needs some minor repairs.

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Having trouble downloading or installing Adobe Reader on Mac OS.An essential Mac OS X Keychain guide Troubleshooting and advanced Keychain Access tips More like this.

Here are some basic troubleshooting resources that should help you get.Your Mac is probably generally trouble-free, working day after day without complaint.

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When you turn on your Mac, the first thing that it does (after the hardware tests) is to check for a startup disk with Mac OS 9 or X on it.Sometimes when you are using OneDrive on your Mac, you get unexpected error prompt and your OneDrive will not start after.

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Network troubleshooting tools are a necessity for every network administrator.Back Up or Move Mail, Bookmarks, Address Book, iCal to a New Mac.For example, one application does not open or unexpectedly quits.