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BBC Radio 5 Live and BBC Radio Manchester but it has now been revealed that it.Unfortunately it can be difficult to both watch BBC iPlayer abroad and Pandora outside the US are actually quite tricky because they will only work with a UK or US workstation respectively.Asked a question and most of us could have a pretty good stab at it via a Googl.Some fast new UK servers, you can watch live HD TV on the BBC iPlayer now too, usin Identity Cloaker.

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Hopefully the full release of the Mac Identity Cloaker will come soon, or if anyone knows another proxy service that lets you view BBC New Live.All the major UK TV stations broadcast online, BBC, ITV, Sky and Channels 4 and 5.Includes the latest news. 20:00 BST, BBC Radio 5 live. 5 live Rugby: Living with The Lions.Responded to your question in the other thread Katie, but yes it will definitely work.Anyway I have made this rather bad video to illustrate how I access the BBC Iplayer abroad.Is there a way that I can use my iPhone directly through iPlayer app to either watch the TV or listen to Radio.I live out in the maldives - and i have my own place in england - with a fully licensed tv but no one to enjoy the shows - so overplay is just brilliant for this.

Listening to BBC radio overseas. a portable radio able to receive BBC Radio 1, 2, 3, and 4.The software is simple to work and you just pick a proxy to connect to and off you go, remember free proxies are very slow and many are full of viruses.US Masters Golf. Tournament. Live. play. will. be. live. on. Sky. Sports. and. BBC. Radio. 5.

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I agree with the comments about the BBC and in fact all the other media sites, there has to be a better way of doing this.It was pretty much complete but they had problems with a couple of issues which affected a few users.

By the way - I just noticed that BBC Iplayer only checks when you first connect.If at all possible if you have the time do you think you could go and try and watch Who Do You Think You Are.I have had a few emails asking me if it is possible to use an.Audience share: 0.3% (September 2008) Owner: BBC: BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra is a digital radio.Just a note about Betfair, I was in Paris yesterday and checked this out.

Hope that helps - best to try out the trial first if you want to test it. wg.

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WG If you want help getting it to work you can email me at ngbconsult(at)

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You can also swap which of the servers you are using, there are a few UK servers check which one is quickest for you.It worked really well if you chose a different one nobody was using.It actually be quicker watching BBC Iplayer directly through one of the Identity Cloaker proxies than disconnecting - depends on where you are, try both methods and see.No problem, just been some more UK server upgrades - working faster than ever now, at least it is for me:).Maybe someone can investigate as to whether some of the proxies have already been blocked.BBC Radio 5 live sports extra is a live radio station and dedicated to Sports International.Can you tell me if you can use identity cloaker to use the the new service of BBC i-player on the Humax Foxsat HDR abroad.Overplay Hope that helps, give me a shout if you have problems.

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BBC World News live Streaming BBC United States CN Argentina Live. Bbc World Service Radio Stream Listen Online For Free.If you want a service that has Spanish servers - these guys are good - Overplay.I know many just want to watch stuff online -but better news for them - the VPN function will be built in making BBC Iplayer, Hulu, Sky Player, Pandora and all the rest accessible from the main program.Cable News Network. (US) should be considered an entity separate from the CNN International,.High Quality BBC Radio Streams. BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra.Fortunately Identity Cloaker has a mode for that which you can probably best see here - You need this mode for many media channels - for example many of the Canadian and French stations for.There are dedicated services for just watching BBC Iplayer that cost well over twice the price of Identity Cloaker, they offer just a single proxy server to do this - Identity cloaker has proxies all over the planet and dedicated software to control and protect your connection, from an icon in your taskbar.If you travel a lot it also means you can access lots of other sites which have country restrictions stopping you watching the BBC IPlayer abroad.