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This vertical rock formation extends about 3,000 feet (900 meters) from base to summit along its tallest.Maybe you partitioned your storage device and want to change the scheme.When you delete the account in Mail, the actual folder with the messages is not deleted.Try the following.All rules were unchecked (i.e. inactive) and the signatures are not assigned to any email addresses, however they are indeed there, and function properly when I recheck the rules.If you cannot export from Mail in a prior version of OS X, you can use Emailchemy to convert these to mbox files that will import in the correct format.Some will contain data that is necessary like a registration key.

To get your hands on all this new stuff, you have to install the operating system on your Mac.Or you can use your Mac while you wait, but be ready to save your work and quit when the download is done.

I tried going into General, but the scroll bars option is gone.In Mail, the default folders are at the top with the custom folders below.Menu. Contact. Download Menu. About. Menu. Contact. Download Menu.After Mail opens your Go Daddy account should download correctly.

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But when I get to adding the account again, it still tells me the account exists already.El Capitan 3. K-2 XT. Amari Pass 3. Midori 3. Taron 3. Tetragon 3XT.I recently upgraded to 10.11.3 from 10.6.8 and my apple mail has not worked since then.To copy the installer, you need to hold down the Option key as you drag the Install OS X El Capitan app in your Applications folder to the copy destination.I suggest you move that folder to Exchange or an IMAP account.This sounds more like a Networking error than a Mail problem.

However, even after deleting the gmail account, it is still not working properly.There have been other issues with POP accounts in El Capitan Mail.This is why it will look like you are not getting new mail when a folder is still going through initial sync.

Since posting this comment, Apple Care advised me to re-create my mail account.When I checked under the mail folders v2 and v3 new folders are created under v2 folder and mail reads from v2 folder instead of v3 folder. all the mailboxes are present under v3 folder.

Note: if possible I would add the account back as IMAP instead of POP.So that when one creates a New Mailbox it sorts automatically in alpha order instead of sitting at the bottom. (In iCloud Mail they show in alpha, but on my Mac they are in the order I manually moved them).Was progressing with the instructions and testing my mail accounts as per Step 2.

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Apple tech recommend to stop using that account in mail and switch to thunderbird so I can print.

You can then choose the folders you want to import back into Mail.I think you do meant he V3 folder here too, since V2 is now empty and not used.

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No, when you remove a POP account in Apple Mail, it deletes all the default folders (Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Trash, Junk).

IMAP keeps all folders on the server and everything downloads again after you remove and add back the account.Traditionally I would have moved the folder and waited for Apple Mail to rebuild and check it all, but this time it does not happen.

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So far this has worked for me, but as they say, the mileage varies. Good luck.To comment on this article and other Macworld content, visit our Facebook page or our Twitter feed.Others suggested removing the evelope index and rebuilding the database.

Interestingly, the rules upgraded and imported well, as did the signatures, the first time I upgraded to El Capitan.If not, Mail will continue to try and use data in the Mail folder.