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The main global-warming bill on Capitol Hill calls for the president to slap stiff.Most scientists agree that human pollution is partly to blame for an increase in global temperatures.

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New NASA Survey Finds Antarctica Covered in More Ice Than Previously Thought.

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The hottest new trend in climate change may be global cooling, some researchers say.Nature magazine has a chilling article in this issue tracking the enui that seems to be overtaking the Gulf Current.

At long last the Big Lie of Global Warming has been totally exposed and we can thank The Heartland Institute, a free market think tank that has organized and hosted.

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With this new figure, researchers will monitor this survey over time to see the effects of climate change and global warming.

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Here are some headlines that refute the global warming myth promoted by secular big-government liberals.

Global Warming: The BIGGEST LIE Exposed

A techno-fix to quickly cool the planet needs research in light of new data that climate change is coming fast.They want to tax the air we breathe, next it will be the sun.The latest study to cast doubt on climate fears finds that even a doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide would not have the previously predicted dire impacts on global temperatures.

By far the hottest summer was the drought year of 1976, followed by 1911, with 1933 and 1947 not far behind.

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The recent, rare snow in Jerusalem and parts of Lebanon, along with freezing temperatures for Southern California have not nixed the reality of climate change.

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The recent, rare snow in Jerusalem and parts of Lebanon, along with freezing temperatures for Southern California have.We have not since then seen anything remotely to equal that 2003 heatwave, which meteorologists at the time explained was entirely natural, resulting from a freakish mass of hot air blown up from the Sahara.

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Peer-Reviewed Scientific Studies Put Big Chill on Global Warming.

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If Moscow held the Olympics in September instead of July the event could survive an apocalyptic.As ocean temperatures rise and the water becomes more acidic, everything from shellfish to real estate is at risk of.Previous estimates by researchers placed the level of uncovered land in Antartica at about 1%.This claim was taken from the latest report by that curious body.Meteorologist for AccuWeather Tyler Roys told Daily Star Online La Nina could contribute to the chilly mix.Scientists hope new evidence of an ancient rise in sea level from a fresh water flood will tell them how global warming can lead to global cooling.Easily the summer with the greatest number of days above 29C was 1976.

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Assuming the world warms, the IOC could shift games a whole 400km from.The Little Ice Age (LIA) was a period of cooling that occurred after the Medieval Warm Period.Crazy SJW thinks photos of ISIS throwing gays off buildings is actually ISIS saving suicidal people.

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