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The need to move a file between machines during the short grace period is unlikely Moving files to portable devices is one of the reasons why the Trust went with DRM downloads (as opposed to a streaming solution).Lets see how this service stacks up against some of the alternative on demand tv download services.BBC iPlayer is available on all major UK TV platforms at no.BBC iPlayer is an internet streaming catchup television and.This add-on enables playing of Live and Catchup TV (UK only) and Radio content (UK or international) from.

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BBC iPlayer or TVcatchup on ATV. I had to completely wipe my Apple TV to its.Although this prevents you transferring shows to portable devices it is only intended as an alternative TV system and so is playable on ap.

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It makes it wasteful for most people to listen online and it creates exactly what they say they want to avoid: a very high quality digital copy that competes with commercial vendors (e.g. of books on CD).

For what its worth, the tech guys at the BBC are fully aware of Linux, and it is in their plan to support it via iPlayer.From today, the BBC iPlayer will link to catch-up TV services from rival broadcasters including ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and S4C, as well as content on

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The BBC did great comedy in the 80s-90s, but went too Politically correct to really pull it off any more.

The need to move a file between machines during the short grace period is unlikely.

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BBC iPlayer is an internet streaming catchup TV and radio service and it is available only in the UK. All movies and TV series on BBC iPlayer.

Using open protocols or at least published APIs allow anyone interested enough to create that interface for you.Anyway, you need to be sure to point you dish at 28,2 degrees east.If anyone from the BBC is reading this, as a non-UK resident I would be happy to pay the annual licence fee if I could get access to the UK BBC channels.I am living in the south of Italy and all I can get is BBC Prime (the re-run channel) and BBC World through Sky satellite service.

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While I generally decry DRM as crippling digital data that ought to be freely movable, I am less concerned here.A lot of BBC content is produced in conjunction with other parties who retain some rights to the content which means that the BBC is unable to make it freely available.I could be wrong, but I still to remember reading they were rolling their own player, codec, format and DRM, and that they asked permission to open source everything but the DRM.

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Additionally, you can try Unlocator for free without the need for a credit card.

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The new requirement to have a TV licence would only apply to those watching BBC iPlayer on catch.BBC iPlayer is an internet streaming catchup. iPlayer services nor the individual TV programmes display any commercial advertising.

The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.The only thing I have ever pirated is the Doctor Who 2005 series (BT of the last three episodes downloading now).

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Best thing about Sky Plus is this: Change channels on time for the start of the programme you want to watch, then go off and do something else for 10 minutes or thereabouts.